Due to the extreme temperatures and high humidity in Baton Rouge, LA, air conditioning is a necessity. When you have electrical equipment, you have to keep it working properly. If your AC system starts displaying any of these problems, call a pro for an air conditioner repair service:

Not Cooling Properly

Sometimes, it takes a minute or two for cool air to start emanating from your vents when you turn on the thermostat. But if there’s no cool air coming out of the vents after a few minutes, that may be an indication that your filter is dirty or that something isn’t working properly.

Noisy Operation

An air conditioner often makes a humming noise when it turns on. But if you hear loud bumping, banging or hissing noises, there could be something wrong with your unit. A bolt may have come loose. If so, it isn’t something you can fix yourself. Keep it turned off and schedule air conditioner repair service right away.

Bad Smells

If you smell a bad odor when your air conditioning system turns on, you may have microbial growth on the inside from condensation. This is one cause of a bad smell, but there could be others as well. A mouse or other critter could have died inside your vent passage.

Increasing Utility Bills

You should expect higher electricity bills in the summer due to the increased usage of your air conditioning system. However, if your bills have gone up excessively and you haven’t increased the use of the unit, it definitely needs to be checked. Your unit is likely broken and requires a repair.

As you know, the summers in Baton Rouge are hot and humid. This isn’t the time to be without air conditioning. Contact Central Heating & Air to schedule a routine maintenance check on your air conditioner. This early intervention can catch a lot of problems before the summer cooling season starts.

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