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Backup Generators For Your Home

Stop worrying about losing power after a bad Louisiana storm! Backup generators automatically detect a power outage and deliver backup power to your home within seconds, then keep your power running – whether it’s for two hours or two weeks.

whole house generator

A Backup Generator Provides Power & Peace of Mind

Save yourself the hassle of having to leave home, find an overpriced hotel room, and hope your house survives. With one of our whole home generators, you can back up your entire home or just the essential circuits. Keep the power on, the comfort systems running, and your life more or less as normal, no matter how hard the winds blow outside.

Even if the power is only out for a little while, you could get uncomfortable without your air conditioning and lose all of the food in your refrigerator and freezer! Your emergency standby generator will take over automatically, so the power will stay on even if you aren’t home when it goes out.

Let us install a home backup generator and gain the peace of mind that you’ll have power even when your neighbors don’t.