As a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you should always be ready for long and oppressive summers. No matter how hot the weather gets, though, you can maintain a pleasant temperature inside your home. The secret is to prepare your air conditioner before the seasons change.

Change the AC System’s Filter

How can the air conditioning system fill your home with cool and fresh air if dust and grime cover its components? You should put in a new filter during spring so that dirt and debris won’t hinder your system during summer. This maintenance task is proven to boost efficiency levels and performance. As a result, you’ll save money on your cooling costs.

Assess and Clean the Air Ducts

You need to be sure that the air ducts in your home are free of blockages and leaks. That’s because such ductwork problems can affect the air conditioner. Since air ducts can contain hazardous elements like microbial growth and droppings from insects, your family’s health is also at risk. Fortunately, you can easily clean these components:

  • Unscrew the vents to remove them.
  • Insert a hose that connects to a strong vacuum cleaner.
  • Run the hose’s nozzle across the vents to dislodge any crud that’s on them.

Just like the vents throughout your living space, the outdoor AC components can’t be blocked. If you remove the shrubs or the mulch piles that touch the condenser, the air conditioner will generate a stronger airflow. This means your home will remain cool while temperatures soar in the summer.

Schedule an AC Tune-Up

You will have to endure close to 214 sunny days every year in Baton Rouge, so taking steps to fine-tune your AC unit is prudent. The comfort specialists at Central Heating & Air are on standby to assist you, and they possess the expertise to perform deep cleanings and thorough tune-ups. After receiving high-quality repairs and precise adjustments, your air conditioner will consume less power as it works to maximize your indoor comfort this summer. Contact us today to learn more.

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