There are so many heating and cooling options available today that it’s easy to get them confused sometimes. In the Baton Rouge, LA, area, the most common choices are hybrid heaters, furnaces and heat pumps. Here’s an explanation of the differences between the three.

Hybrid Heater

A hybrid heater uses both a gas furnace and an electric heat pump to provide heat for your home, and it’s the most energy-efficient option. This option reacts automatically to changing temperatures. If you only need moderate heat, the heat pump recirculates the heat around the home.

If the night is rather cold, it turns on the gas furnace for extra warmth. This means the same level of comfort with less energy used.


A gas furnace uses natural gas to heat the air around it. That heated air then moves through ducts in your home.

Gas furnaces may not last as long as electric furnaces do even with proper maintenance. Another downside of traditional gas furnaces is that they aren’t as efficient as electric furnaces. There could also be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or furnace fires.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps rely on the transfer of heat generated by a compressor pump that can also create cooled air. They work much like a refrigerator with a cooling compressor pump. Depending on whether you need the cooled air created in the compressor or the heated air created by the pump’s operation, either can be pumped into your house.

If you’re looking to replace your old HVAC system with a hybrid heater for better comfort and energy savings in Baton Rouge, LA, look no further than us. We believe that your comfort is our commitment, so contact Central Heating & Air today to install a hybrid heater and experience a better kind of comfort.

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