Your air conditioner in Clinton, LA, will show signs when something isn’t right. Nasty odors are one sign of a potential problem. Below are three common AC odors and what triggers each of them.

Skunk Gas Odor

Skunk odors tell of a way bigger problem than you can imagine. This smell emanates from methyl mercaptan gas leakage. The natural gas used in air conditioning and heating systems doesn’t smell, but the added methyl mercaptan gives it the smell.

If you smell a skunk-like odor coming from your AC, it’s a clear indication of leaking gas. The moment you notice that smell, you should instantly turn off the gas supply and reach out to your air conditioning repair specialist for assistance.

Burning Smell

As it turns on, your AC is likely to produce the normal electrical smell that vanishes after some minutes. However, when the dusty or electrical smell lasts all through, it could signify a problem. The leading cause of such odors is dirty air filters, wiring issues or a problematic motor.

Professional HVAC comfort specialists will diagnose and repair the problematic parts. They’re able to detect the overheating or burning part and replace it immediately.

Foul Smell

Rotten egg-like odors usually emanate from dead organisms stuck inside the air conditioner. These are often rodents and critters such as insects and birds. The unpleasant odors flow indoors when the air condition system blows air through the ductwork.

When left in the ductwork for long, you might end up damaging other parts of your AC system. You should get your AC system checked and any existing dead animals removed for efficient operation.

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