Even if you have skills for basic home maintenance, think twice about completing DIY HVAC repairs. Aside from cleaning or replacing the air filter regularly, you should leave all other tasks to a professional. Below are three considerations as to why you shouldn’t do DIY HVAC repairs for your Baker, LA, home and the disasters that can follow if you do.

Education Needed

An HVAC comfort specialist spends a long time to become skilled. They spend even more on intensive education and training to become NATE-certified. To become NATE-certified, an HVAC comfort specialist needs one year of experience with installation, two years of experience servicing HVAC units and five years of experience as a senior comfort specialist.

Not only that, but the core exam for NATE certification tests construction knowledge, basic science, and basic electrical before you take a specialty exam. If you try DIY HVAC repairs, there’s a good chance you can make things worse or injure yourself severely since you lack their experience and training.

Special Equipment Required

These days, HVAC units require special tools and equipment to maintain and repair. Without these proper tools, you run the risk of damaging the internal components.

Not only are HVAC tools expensive, but some components like refrigerant are only available to certified comfort specialists. This is because refrigerant is a toxic halocarbon that impacts health and indoor air quality.

Voided Warranty

An HVAC warranty protects you in the event of a breakdown due to a manufacturing fault. However, the warranty only protects you if a qualified HVAC professional performs any maintenance or repair work. The terms of the warranty require proof of professional maintenance and repairs, which means if you do the repairs yourself you’ll void your warranty.

Don’t take the risk of repairing your HVAC unit yourself. Contact Central Heating & Air today to have our NATE-certified comfort specialists take care of all your air conditioning needs.

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