The winter days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are bright and sunny, but the temperatures are chilly. You’re relying on your furnace or heat pump to deliver warm air that creates cozy conditions inside your home. If you hear your heater make sounds as it turns on and off, don’t worry. That’s normal. But if hear your heating system making one of these three strange sounds, call an experienced HVAC professional right away so that they can take a closer look:


There aren’t many sounds more annoying than scraping. Scraping sounds in your heating system will resemble metal parts rubbing together. It usually means there’s a problem in the blower wheel; it’s either loose or complete broken.


Hearing your heating system making screeching sounds will definitely alarm you. This sound usually means there’s a problem with the heater’s motor bearing or the heater has a bad belt. We can lubricate the bearing or replace the belt.


A slight banging noise isn’t unusual when your heating system is operating. In most cases, it means the ducts are expanding or contracting and isn’t a concern. If the banging noises are loud, though, they signal a combustion issue.

When you hear loud and repeated bangs, there’s probably too much gas built up in the chamber when the heater ignites. The banging is the sound of the explosion, and it strains every part of your furnace. An experienced HVAC service technician can inspect your heating system and repair the problem to restore its full functionality.

Your heating system is an essential home appliance that helps your family stay comfortable through the chilly winter days and nights. Don’t take it for granted. If you hear strange sounds coming from your heater, contact Central Heating & Air today. We look forward to finding the problem and restoring your peace of mind right away.