It’s normal for your heating system to make faint sounds as it turns on and off or while it operates. But if you hear these strange noises coming from the heater in your Baton Rouge, Louisiana, home, don’t wait to contact a professional.


It’s not unusual to hear a booming sound when your heating system turns on. But a boom from an older furnace can indicate there’s a buildup of gas stemming from a delay in the ignition. If you hear your furnace making a booming sound, contact a comfort specialist right away, especially if you also detect the smell of natural gas around it.


Like your car or truck, a squealing sound coming from your heating system can indicate it has a worn belt or a malfunctioning fan motor. While both heater issues are relatively easy to fix, each still requires professional attention.


Is your heater making a clicking noise? If so, your heating system likely has a faulty flame sensor or a problem with the ignition and gas. To prevent a minor issue from developing into a major problem, contact an HVAC company.


Whether it’s coming from your vehicle, dryer or heater, a rattling noise is never a sign of anything good. If you hear your heating system rattling, often it’s because there’s a broken part in the fan or motor. One broken part can damage others, causing the problem to worsen. Schedule a heater repair immediately to avoid a replacement.


Hearing the birds chirp outside is pleasant because it usually means it’s warm and sunny outside. But if you hear your heater chirping, often it’s because there’s an underlying issue that needs addressing. Seek professional help.

Don’t let an obnoxious noise impact your home comfort and cause extensive damage to your heating system. Contact Central Heating & Air at (225) 262-1186 to have one of our comfort specialists inspect and repair your heater.

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