Energy Star reports that its certified ductless mini-splits can cut cooling costs by 30% compared to conventional air conditioners. But if you don’t maintain it, your system in Baker, LA, could break down because of a variety of issues. Here are four tips to determine why your ductless AC isn’t working as it should:

Dirt in the Filter

Your HVAC system draws any dust and dirt in your indoor air supply. Your filter will trap that dust and dirt, and with time, it’ll build up and clog the filter. Excess dust and dirt obstruct the free flow of air, making your HVAC system less efficient. Make sure to change the filter in your HVAC system every month to ensure it operates efficiently and blows clean air.

Low Refrigerant Level

If the refrigerant level is low, your ductless AC system won’t cool your home sufficiently. This occurs when there’s a leak in your system. Check the refrigerant line for any signs of a leak.

Tripped Breaker and Wiring Issues

Loose electrical connections sever the connection between the indoor and outdoor HVAC components. As a result, your HVAC system fails. If there’s a tripped breaker, the system won’t turn on completely. Tripped breakers result from overvoltage.

You also need to check the cord and plug of the unit for signs of damage. If your remote isn’t working, replace its used batteries with fresh ones.

Broken Parts

The components of your mini-split system can sustain damage when not maintained. The fan motor and other parts can break, causing the system to shut down. You can shine a flashlight on the system to check for broken parts.

If the system produces unusual noises, this might signal broken parts. If there are unusual smells, your system might have a leak.

Our comfort specialists can service your system routinely to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Call Central Heating & Air today to choose a maintenance plan for the system in your home.

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