Keeping your home cool in Baton Rouge, LA, is essential throughout many months of the year. But the benefits of a home air conditioner system don’t come cheap. You could unintentionally make a few mistakes that could dramatically increase the cost of cooling your home. Understanding what these AC mistakes are could help you to save money going forward.

Choosing the Wrong Equipment for Your Home’s Needs

The size of an AC system is directly correlated to how much space that it can efficiently keep cool. Some people think that buying a larger system will pay off in the long run because the equipment won’t need to run as long to cool the home. But this strategy usually backfires. Our comfort specialists will advise you about the right equipment for your home upon request.

Failing to Use the Programmable Thermostat Settings

If you’re manually adjusting your thermostat based on your comfort level at the time, you may be spending much more money than necessary to cool your home. To save money, you should maintain a comfortable, steady temperature in the home with scheduled thermostat adjustments for sleeping hours and for times when you’re away.

Ignoring Air Conditioner Maintenance Needs

To operate efficiently and to keep repair issues at bay, your air conditioner must remain well-maintained. Replacing the air filters regularly is essential, so you should add this to-do item to your calendar. Each spring, schedule professional maintenance service with our team for superior performance. As a result, you keep cooling bills low and avoid breakdowns.

At Central Heating & Air, we want you to enjoy the cool comfort of an AC system without huge energy and service bills. Whether you need to schedule an AC repair, maintenance service or a new air conditioner installation, call us today to book an appointment.

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